support a local athlete

Benefit from tax incentives for sponsorship
Benefit from connecting your business with the community
Benefit from the extra business generated by the athletes who advertise your business

Athletes looking for sponsors

if your an achieved upcoming athlete (amateur or professional) we would welcome you to join SportsBrand, we will assist marketing you as a worthwhile investment for a Business to sponsor
in return for sponsorship you will be involved in social media marketing for the business after a competition or on a regular basis contract dependant.
you may be asked to be involved with video or photography promotionals for the company either at our studios or on location.
you may be asked to provide photographs or video of your performance and any local TV or Newspaper editorials or stories,
Athletes under 18 must be accompanied/supervised all times by an adult parent or guardian

SportsBrand Marketing Services


connecting companies with Athletes can be easy but connecting athletes that can become a great ambassador for your company is different, we take care of media training for on and off the field

Social Media Branding

Company Branding via social media, in recent years companies have realised social media can be a good thing or bad thing, at SportsBrand we get the best from social media for your company

Media Training - Athletes

Company Branding can be seriously damaged if an athlete you sponsor gains bad press off the field or on the field and so we give full ongoing media training to ensure this should never happen

Production Media

Company Branding with our Production team. either in our studio or at live events, we get the vision that makes the difference for your brand your product or your service

  • Latest News

    Ella jade boot womens champion boxer sponsored by 2 local companies after her success to win GOLD at the commonwealth youth Games in Bahamas.

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  • Gold Medal

    Ella jade boot the sunshine beach state high school student brings home Gold to the sunshine coast of queensland winning gold beating India in the final of the commonwealth games youth in the Bahamas


  • Supporting a local athlete has many benefits for us as a local business, apart from the advertising and the tax benefits we gain recognition in supporting a young athlete to achieve there goals and dreams, thanks

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    manager jeff

  • Its a good idea to support local athletes and we have the benefit that our sponsorship to Ella could pay massive dividends in the future because it looks like she will go all the way to the top



  • smooth easy process, all we do is meet up with the athlete, read up on the athletes abilities and future targets then if we decide this is for us then we have an company ambassador



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