sports sponsorhip

- sponsor an athlete and see the rewards

When you sponsor an athlete you can gain some great benefits
1 - Tax incentives for your business
2 - Advertising promotions for your business
3 - an sports Ambassador for your business

- Sponsorhip Packages - (all proceeds go to the athlete)

package 1 - Car/Van perforated rear windscreen advertising
we have a network of athletes across different states in australia who looking for sponsorship would advertise your business in there vehicles rear window , see below photo of this in place on an annual basis, this helps the athlete commute to daily training and your company gains presence in the sports industry, tied into this is social media photos of your advertising and shout outs to the sponsor at every opportunity at and after an event.

package 2 - promotional video advertising for social media
professional advertising videos from 15 secs advertising to 2 minute informercial videos made at studios and or location
left to right - showing the options for studio adverts or location adverts. in the first advert you will see Ella working with top sports stars at tennis advertising. video two shows a tv location advert and video 3 shows fashion social media advert style. contact us for price to sponsor an athlete        

package 3 - a custom package of both package 1 and 2 or a custom designed package

  • Boxing Titles: wide bay title. Golden Gloves Champion. Queensland Champion. Australian National champion.
    International Titles: Hull Cup champion. Haringey Cup. Wild Cats. Commonwealth youth Games Bahamas Gold Medal winner.
    Boxing Coach: Mark Evans - Impact Boxing Academy, Cooroy Queensland
  • Karate Titles: 2nd Dan Black belt. Queensland champion x 3. Australian National Champion x 3 inc open weight
    Karate Coach: Wayne Macdonald - Budokan Noosa

    Present Occupation: year 12 school. part time Barrister at Gloria Jeans coffee shop. personal trainer at Sunshine coast Gym. assistant camera op at CastingNow live sports productions

Ella was born in London 22 December 1999 and moved to Australia in 2006.
became an Australian Citizen in 2012 has been involved in combat sports from an early age and has excelled in all sports including cross country at state level.
Black belt 2nd Dan and competitive Kumatai across Australia gave Ella focus drive and inner strength that she has carried with her into the boxing ring.
as a boxer Ella has become a star in that she has a fairly unique style with her movement and her understanding of combat has given Ella an advantage in her training and competition.
Ella has fought and won many International fights including a European tour in 2017 where Ella won 2 fights in England with 1 fight inside the distance by way of TKO. Ella fought and won in the wild cats of Hungary tour by 1st round TKO Ella has fought and won in New Zealand. and recently 2017 Commonwealth Games youth tour where Ella fought some of the best in the world to win Gold medal for Australia.
Ella trains under the strict supervision of her coach at Impact Boxing Academy in Cooroy Queensland Mr Mark Evans.
Mark is a successful coach with a stable of National and international boxing stars in the gym.